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Mandrel Capacity

Tianjin University - Jingcheng Weiye associated R&D Center

Our company and the School of Materials Science in Tianjin University have jointly developed a new type of composite material with high temperature resistance, wear-resistance thermal fatigue resistance. At present, the material is widely used in the repair of mandrels and other rolling tools in the hot rolling production line for seamless steel pipe which could be repaired in countless times to reduce the rolling cost and the repairing effect is good in actual use. The rolling number of mandrel is 20%-30% higher than the same industry.

More than 200 sets of large and medium-sized machinery and 4 sets of mandrel, electroplating, hardfacing and welding wire production lines.Under the guidance of excellent equipment and excellent technology, the annual production capacity of mandrel with outer diameter /mm(φ80-φ530) reaches 10,000/piece.

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