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Oil Drilling Solution

Honeywell signed a strategic cooperation agreement with JCWY to develop oil drilling products and solution

Tianjin Jingcheng weiye Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an excellent surface engineering and new materials company integrating research and development, production and sales. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Autumn Inc., located in Houston, Texas, focuses on the development, design and global sales of industrial mandrel and new oil and gas drilling products and transportation line pipes.

Honeywell signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Jingchengweiye Mechanical Manufacturing Co., LTD. Accordingly, the two parties collaborate on the industrialization of Honeywell Advanced Electroplating (HAEP) to provide high-performance, efficient and environmentally friendly surface treatment solutions. The programme mainly serves the oil and gas industry and other related fields. With superior wear and corrosion resistance, this advanced process coating will help end customers avoid failures and downtime during oil and gas drilling and extend the life cycle of drilling components, thereby increasing drilling efficiency and reducing overall costs.

The two parties will carry out strategic cooperation on HAEP coating, which aims to bring new value to the oil and gas industry. HAEP is an advanced wear and corrosion resistant coating that protects vital components from wear and corrosion in harsh conditions. The new coating performs even better than most commonly used alternative processes and is an environmentally friendly solution. Compared with hypersonic flame spraying (HVOF-WC) tungsten carbide coating and hard chromium (Cr) coating technologies, HAEP coating provides an environmentally friendly coating solution with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance at a reasonable price.

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