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Oil Drilling Capacity

Production capacity of each electrodeposition

Jingcheng Weiye has a professional technical team and a world-class leading level of production equipment, to achieve from the source of product quality control. The company's industry and trade integrated business model, for overseas business has professional foreign trade operators and efficient logistics team, to provide professional pre-sales communication and high-quality after-sales service, to ensure the smooth development of overseas business.

Rotor electroplating production line

The company has built a horizontal rotor electroplating production line, covering an area of 800 square meters, which is equipped with multi-station electroplating bath bodies. By using the technology of adjusting and balancing plating deposition in high and low areas, the excellent plating with the ratio of plating thickness in high and low areas of 1:1.2 can be realized, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, effectively prolongs the service life of rotors. The annual production capacity is 10,000 pieces.

Roll electroplating production line

The company has built a large-scale rotary chromium plating roll electrodeposition chromium production line. This can realize the electrodeposition chromium processing of rolls of various sizes within Ø1400mm in diameter. It can gunrantee electroplating layers of all kinds of plated rolls are uniform. The annual production capacity of the production workshop is over 20,000 pieces/year.

Electroplating production capacity for oil tubing,casing and drill pipe

ID specification range: ф 60-ф 89, 6 production lines, annual production capacity of 37,500 pieces;

OD specification range: ф 102-ф 219, 6 production lines, annual production capacity of 19,000 pieces;

Both ID and OD : annual production capacity of 28,000 piece;

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