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Composite Mandrel

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The composite core rod is manufactured by surfacing welding process with the composite material that we independently developed,With our advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment,we are able to produce and renew steel products that out - perform the competition. The proprietary materials utilized allow the products to be used in very high temperature environments, reduce thermal fatigue and have an increased red hardness. Our composite weld overlay and plating greatly improves the range of applications of mandrels but also its service lifeis greatly extended. The most significant advantage is the realization of infinitely repeated use of a single mandrel which will greatly reduce the rolling cost of seamless steel pipe.


1.Low manufacturing cost;
2.Equivalent service life as traditional H13 core rod;
3.Repeated use ;
4.Greatly reducing the cost of rolling without lowering the product quality.

Composite core rod manufacturing process

Base material——Finishing——Surfacing welding——Heat treatment—— Roughing——Surface inspection——Finishing——Polishing——Chrome plating

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