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Low-Friction /Anti-Corrosion Casing & Liner

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Low-friction casing allows for significant drag reduction when running in hole and mitigates issues associated with tight tolerances. This product is made available by the electro-deposition of a corrosion-resistant, low-friction,wear-resistant layer bonded at the atomic level onto the surface of conventional casing. This cobalt-based formula has been utilized extensively in the aerospace industry by its developer, Honeywell, and is now available for O&G applications. The electro-depositional layer does not have any holes or microcracks, has a high bonding strength and outshines the competition in regards to anti-corrosion properties. Drilling and completion engineers will take on a new perspective when designing their drilling and completions programs.


When the low-friction casing is used, the existing casing tongs may need to be replaced with new proprietary low-friction counterparts. This solution offers proper makeup to achieve the smallest surface resistance downhole.

  1. Anti-Corrosion: the electroplating is not porous which can effectively prevent the corrosion by hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, it also has excellent anti-corrosion properties in environments containingchloride ions
  2. Wear Resistance: the electroplating is very durable and protects the casing from wear
  3. Lower Friction Coefficient: in the same mud environment, the friction coefficient is less than casing that hasn't been treated with our proprietary coating and therefore the friction between the casing and the borehole wall is less than standard casing, this reduces the running resistance, increases the running depth and prolongs the service life of the casing
  4. Scale Inhibition: the electrode potential is different, enabling the prevention of barium, magnesium and calcium scale on the surface
  1. Designed for tight tolerance scenarios in corrosive environments
  2. When RIH, the drag is reduced significantly
  3. Getting casing to bottom in high-dogleg and long lateral lengths is now easier
  4. Better suited for boreholes with stability issues
  5. Electroplating can be applied to both ID and OD
  6. Suitable for various H2S, CO2 and other corrosive environments
  7. Greatly increased service life of conventional casing



9 5/8244.5
13 3/8339.7

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