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Low-Friction /Anti-Corrosion Pump Barrels

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This product is made available by the electro-deposition of a corrosion-resistant, low-friction, wear-resistant layer bonded at the atomic level onto the surface of any standard pump barrel. This cobalt-based formula has been utilized extensively in the aerospace industry by its developer, Honeywell, and has been tested in similar applications within North America. The electro-depositional layer has great, comprehensive performance binding force, ductility, no microcracking, non-porous and suitability for complex workpiece surfaces.

  1. Coating Hardness: 1000HV~1050HV
  2. Good consistent, deep plating performance, high material utilization, low energy consumption, low pollution, advanced technology
  3. Compared with traditional plating alternatives (hard chrome, tungsten carbide), our application has a significantly better cost performance and service life
Product Comparisons
Traditional  AdvantagesDisadvantages

Hard chrome coating
1.Low cost
2. Applied to internal and external surfaces
1.Environmental issue
2. Poor corrosion resistance
3. General performance
Tungsten carbide coating1.High hardness
2. Good corrosion resistance
3. High wear resistance
1.High cost
2. Low ductility
3.Difficult to apply to inner surface
Honeywell coating 1.Coating thickness can be adjusted according to customer requirements
2. Minimum surface roughness: 0.1 µm Ra for OD, 0.4 µm Ra for ID
3. Applied base material (not limited): steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, carbon steel, etc.
4. Deplating and repair work can be performed on existing barrels
Coating Parameter Comparison
ItemTypeShapeHoneywell CoatingChromeWC HVOF HVOFCl (PPM)
 ASTM  G65WearFlat  test  piece     25mg/1000cycles 60mg/1000revs <20mg/1000revs N/A
 ASTM  B117CorrosionFlat  test  piece      >1000hr@250um<1000hrs >1000hr 3000
 CASSCorrosionFlat  test  piece      >500hr@250um 96hr@250μm N/A 3,000
Immersion testCorrosionFlat  test  piece      >168hr <168hr >168hr 2300-91000
Hydrogen  embrittlement Process capability Standard  test  bars      Passed  200hr N/A N/A N/A
Impact  corrosionOtherFlat  test  piece      >48hr <24hr >24hr 2300

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